Joint YCPC & CVA "Ora" Skiffs Training Programm - Garda 29er training weekend June 6-8, 2014

11.06.2014 00:58


Crew view

it had been quite a while since our last 29er training as my bachelor's studies were leaving me with barely enough free time to please myself with decent meal and such luxury as brushing my teeth in the evening and cold morning showers became moments i would really look forward over the day. Hence i was most excited to find myself having those three days to visit our beloved sailing venue and experience hours of immense fun in warm and sunny weather with breeze reaching 24 kts.
To gain maximum of our struggle we joined italien 29er team, couched by our dear friend Lorenzo- who performed great skill of stopping big*ss speading ferry with his own tiny inflantable rib, just because sr*w you tourists, thats why. Soon i found out how much we missed by not training for so many weeks. Those guys kicked our ass the first as well as the second day. Well, also the third day, lets be honest, just not that much ( damn finally, improvement!! ). Yet i dare to say we made some nice progress, especially in the matter of tacking, gybing and recovering from capsize (for my non-sailing friends: turning around vertical axe while going in the most against the wind direction, turning around vertical axe while going in the most with the wind direction, and turning round horizontal axe, becuz we f*cked up and found ourselfs being upside-down). We also made some small boat reparements, trimming, nice-chick-checking (mostly me, dunno about Veronica ) and ice-cream eating (god yess!!). To sum things up: we did again have some great time on Garda, where we are most grateful to have such good and helpful italien friends. 
Now we are about to not-train untill czech regatta in July, so we can forget half of the stuff we learned and get out of practise just to be ready to learn it all again in way less pleasant, shifty, rainy and cold conditions of Lipno lake. 

Simon Seidl (YCPC 29er crew)

Coach view

From Friday, June 6th to Sunday, June 8th, 2013 we conducted a three-day intensive training of 29er skiffs as a part of the new joint training program with the Italian club Circolo Vela Arco (Aku Aku Sailing Team led by Lorenzo Bianchini). Trainings attended one Czech and one Italian crew and one Czech and one Italian coach. In great conditions at Lago di Garda with winds of 10-24 knots throughout the whole workout, we spent about 15 hours of hard work on the water. The Italian crew was aware that in recent weeks not idle and diligently practiced. In boys were seen great progress. Our crew for Simon's study obligations not train together two months and on their performance especially on the first day it was a lot to know. Was a lack of harmony and rhythm during maneuvers. It took two days before our get back into shape. The third day we were already working on improving skills and gives us a good bit ahead. Sailing upwind and downwind began to be in a strong wind finally stabilized and efficient. We managed to improve the tacks and jibes, and especially working with gennaker. We uncovered a natural weaknesses of our competitors, in which we will work in the coming months. Lorenzo boys have improved mainly maneuvers in very strong winds. Close collaboration with Italian friends, we are deeply grateful, and I think that is proving to be very effective for all involved. We are pleased that our favorite water place we have great sparring partners and amazing friends also. Our collaboration that will continue, will soon bring the desired fruit. Inter-Clubs (YCPC & CVA) cooperation will focus not only on double handed 29er skiffs, but also the sigle handed O'pen BIC juniors skiffs.

Boris Zivny (YCPC coach)

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